CPD Points

Our medical simulation events are recognised by ANZCA so you gain points for Emergency Response, Knowledge and Skills and Practice Evaluation.

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Participants Say

High Fidelity

PSR Simulation events provide "real life" experiences in a virtual environment that mirrors your workplace.

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The PSR Experience

Interact with doctors in a collegiate environment learning from shared knowledge and experiences.

Be immersed in high fidelity scenarios that expand your knowledge and awareness of new and revised techniques, crisis responses and workplace management.

Develop and train in lifesaving skills, drills and techniques without risk to patients.

Why Attend

Current research shows 12 months following a PaperScalpelRock Event:

  • 100% of attendees report they would recommend the event
  • 317% increase in regular use of clinical techniques taught on the day
  • 73.6% have maintained positive changes in their work practices

How It Works

Technical and crisis scenarios based on real world cases are designed with specific learning objectives. These scenarios engage your skills, senses and experience to highlight solutions to challenges and improved outcomes.

Post scenario debriefing provides the opportunity to analyse observations, successes, challenges and decision-making experienced in the scenarios to ensure you achieve take-away outcomes to improve your practice.

Upcoming Events


Enriching your knowledge through experience and access to current research and best practise ideas.

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Enhancing your clinical, professional and personal skillset through leading edge technology.

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Improving outcomes for you and your patients through expert delivered simulations.

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