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While CPD is a mandated requirement for Doctors, PaperScalpelRock believes Doctors are committed to their professional improvement and as such should have access to leading edge opportunities to refine and develop their skills. PSR education events are designed to deliver world class education experiences for Doctors whilst meeting regulatory CPD requirements. See event details for individual course CPD allocations.

Our Events engage participants in uniquely designed and immersive simulation education experiences and are developed to achieve long term professional development outcomes.


The High Fidelity Simulation delivers “Real life” experiences in a virtual environment where medical specialists are able to train in lifesaving skills, drills and techniques without risk to patients.

Each event includes:

  • Multiple Scenario Experiences
  • Debriefing Sessions
  • Expert Led Discussions



PSR develops simulation events for your group or organisation to ensure tailored outcomes and results are achieved. We work with you to create an experience that ensures you are at the leading edge of professional development and education. To learn about our customised events, contact us.


There is an increasing need for targeted online education for medical specialists. We access world class experts and the latest research to develop an online education platform to fill this need. We are continuing to develop opportunities for doctors to gain CPD through online events and programs that will also represent the PSR philosophy of leading edge experiences. To keep up to date with online and live events, please register your interest here.



Recreating medical experiences for media is valuable if they are real to life. The fidelity of your vision will determine its validity as a credible tool in delivering messages.

The PSR team has extensive experience in producing high fidelity scenarios that replicate reality in almost all respects.

Practicing health professionals, we have the clinical experience to know what is real and the simulation experience to know what is possible and how to achieve that.

Our team has experience working on film sets and advertising sets. Our passion is recreating reality. We are very excited to work with you to help you achieve your goals.

To speak with our Fidelity Consultants about your project, contact us.

Developing effective simulation environments is a specialised area with high level investment. To ensure your return on that investment we assist you to plan effectively for the work and education you wish to provide. To find out how we can enhance your current programs, contact us.

To speak with our Fidelity Consultants about your project, contact us.